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Each week the staff of Murray Life Magazine brings you a new review of what we think you need to see. From movies to music to local attractions, we want to give readers a look at what we like and think you will too. While our picks will not always be the most current offerings, we're presenting you with recommendations that we feel will stand the test of time.

The Big Bang Theory
Kyle Smith

Today’s scripted television shows typically follow one of two formulas. The first is often some group of upper class heroes dealing with worries and fears that plague humanity. These are your doctor, lawyer and police shows. This also encompasses most genre television and other dramas. The other presents the stereotypical "everyman," who is meant to represent the typical American: A high school graduate, with a middle-class job and a bunch of crazy relatives. This central character serves as the audience’s entry point into the show’s world.

While this formula can produce great television, few shows try to break this mold. One show that does so brilliantly is CBS’s The Big Bang Theory. Instead of the typical everyman, The Big Bang Theory presents a group of scientists who, even on an off day, could think circles around most of us. These brilliant minds have one major flaw; they have no social skills. The show focuses on scientist Leonard (Johnny Galecki), his roommate Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and their neighbor Penny (Kaley Cuoco). Beyond serving as the unconventional love interest for Leonard, Penny is also the voice of the audience as she verbalizes the differences between them.

Even though, the science jargon and comic book movie references may seem daunting at first, the excellent writing and delivery allows audiences who are not well versed in "everything geek" to understand the humor in the situation. It soon becomes apparent that you don’t need a Ph.D. or the ability to recite the entire original Star Wars trilogy verbatim to understand the jokes (but I’m sure it would help).

The cast and characters are not only relatable, they are refreshing. This is one of the few shows produced recently that is able to capture the humor and humanity in life without creating a world full of barely educated half-wits running around doing things that would get the average person arrested. Its quick-witted and fast-moving storylines not only keep the audience entertained, but should also be a staple of a healthy TV diet. 

The first season is available on DVD and airs Mondays on CBS.®




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