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"I know of no way of judging of the future but by the past." Patrick Henry

This is usually the issue in which Murray Life celebrates the escape from the imprisoned safety of the winter home and launch into nature’s celebration of life: mud, dirt, rain, wind, flowers, buds, sun and all. We’ve had quite enough of cold, thank you.

However, as if traditions mean nothing, our springtime Murray Life has become “the history issue.” In addition to our annual review of Calloway County a century ago, we offer a look at Calloway’s first confederates, courtesy of Murray State’s archivist, Deiter Ullrich. Larry Ray concludes his five-part series on our only civil war site, Fort Heiman, with an introduction to visit the newly-refurbished site which is still in the process of being restored.

In more recent history, we’ll take a look at the decade of musical invention that is “Bawn in the Mash,” through the pen of our old friend Casey Watson. We’ll recount the years during which Shakespeare has dominated the merry month of March at Murray State with the help of Rusty Jones, our resident impresario for the Bard.

Finally, we’ll look back at the decade of wonder that has been the Carson Center in Paducah: a magnet for talent and a showcase for culture that has earned the respect of artists as it changed the face of the arts in our region. Our hope is that a better view of our history will give us some insight into our present and our future.

But not to worry: the puppies and kittens of the Humane Society continue to bring their stories with the help of Kathie Hodge and her colleagues, and the birds and beast of the Land Between the Lakes – and your own backyard – are still being sought and celebrated by your friends from the Nature Station. This time, Carrie Swed cleans the lenses of her field glasses as looks with us at “Those Dam Birds” who can so often best be seen around the lakelands two great dams, Barkley and Kentucky. Please pardon our attempt at humor – none of us could resist, darn it.

Our culinary queen, Caina Lynch, gives us a look at food on the far side of the pond as she tours Europe – in reality as well as on the pages of our magazine. Unable to ignore a badly-needed spring, we have invited our old friend, Kenny Darnell, to reflect again on that happy season of promise and relief. His reflection will warm your soul.

Spend your leisure time wisely with the help of our calendar of events, and find out what you missed in the last few weeks with our “Notes ‘n’ Neighbors” feature. Plan your evening out with our dining guide, work puzzles, take trivia quizzes, and enjoy news in insights from gardening to humor. You can do it all again on your computer by visiting or visiting us on Facebook.

The outside world is reopening for business, and we are ready. On that first warm spring day, when you can sit on the porch or patio and feel the sun warm your bones and your soul, we hope a copy of Murray Life might be right beside you to share the once-in-a-year moment. Enjoy!

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