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Hazel’s Magnolia Tea Room
By Meghan Thompson

In America, tea rooms are as unique as fingerprints; each one seems to have its own personality. They range from fine black-tie dining to a Southern laid-back atmosphere and everything in between. In Hazel, the atmosphere and history of the town plays a role in the theme of the Magnolia Tea Room.

Patricia Seiber is a professor at Murray State University. She has been involved in education for many years. She retired from her position as a school administrator and opened an antique shop with a business partner in downtown Hazel. While working in Hazel, she said she noticed many antique shoppers would come to spend the day in Hazel and look for a nice place to sit down to eat. Seiber thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a little ladies luncheon place?” and the Magnolia Tea Room was born.

Like an antique, she found this old condemned building and decided to take something old that was falling apart and bring it back to life. She calls it the “ultimate antique project.”

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$aving Money at the Grocery
By Rita Oldham

Most people today are trying to find ways to save money. Cutting your monthly grocery bill is a great place to start. Here are some tips for reducing the amount your family spends on groceries, personal care products and household items.

Plan your weekly menu and make a list before going to the store. Even if you purchase a few more things than what was on the list, you will still save because you will have what you need for complete meals instead of a partial list of ingredients, requiring another trip to the store mid-week.

Scan weekly store ads in the local paper or online before preparing your menu–you may decide to make something else based on what’s on sale that week. Also, instead of visiting several different stores to take advantage of sale items, check to see if one store honors competitors’ prices. Called price-matching, this practice will keep you from spending grocery savings on the gas it would take driving to several locations.

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Buying in Bulk: Not for Amateurs
By Darlisha Stanfield

My mom has discovered that to feed 13 children and fill two refrigerators, two deep freezers and a pantry, she needs at least two shopping carts, eight hands, a boat load of coupons and a good night’s rest. Shopping for her nine sons and four daughters has never been a quick trip to the grocery, but over the years, she’s learned the ins and outs of saving money. One of her strategies is buying in bulk. Wait: Don’t let the huge containers of mayonnaise fool you. Efficiently buying in bulk takes great skill and experience. After I agreed to weed the flower beds on my return home, my mom agreed to let us in on a few of her secrets.


Things Mom Considers While Shopping

Where did I put my calculator?
My all-resourceful mother arms herself with a calculator (she carries a T-89 for tough equations) when she goes to her wholesale store. For many, the ultimate advantage of bulk shopping is the savings per unit. Unfortunately, you may not save per unit if you don’t do the math, because this figure isn’t listed on all items. “I like gathering the weekly ads from local grocery stores and taking them with me to Sam’s to compare while I shop,” said Darlene Stanfield, mother of 13 and Super Market Extraordinaire. “I mark the items that I can find cheaper at my local market and pick them up on my way home.”

Sam’s Club is not the only store that offers bulk items. Local grocers may offer items in bulk, which can save you the trip to the wholesale store. “Kroger went to bulk mainly to cater to a segment,” said Don Cherry, Kroger Store Manager. “It works well because the manufacturer gets more products out, while customers pay less per unit.”

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Murray LifeKeep it Rollin'
Money-Saving Tips for Your Car

By Brian Truskey

When it comes to saving money, don’t forget to look in some obvious places. Keeping the family car going now might save you some dough down the road. Everyone knows the basics: Make sure to check the oil and if the little red light comes on, cross your fingers in the hopes it’ll go away. And then when it doesn’t, get it checked out.

But there’s more you can do to keep repair costs down than just checking and regularly changing the oil to make sure your engine doesn’t wear out quite as fast. Check all fluids regularly, as well as the tire pressure and learn a few of our money saving tips.

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Murray LifeStick ‘em
A Cost-Saving Alternative to Hand-Painted Murals

By Jessica Heacock

The written word can be used to evoke so many different emotions - it can be graceful, funny or inspiring. Letters alone are figures of art themselves. Letters combined into words become a statement of beauty. Words placed together to create sentences, quotes, scriptures and proverbs, coupled with innovative typefaces and colors, become a painting of sentiment and meaning.

It is now easier than ever to have these expressions of “word art” throughout your home, business or organization with Wall Appeals. Wall Appeals are appearing nearly everywhere these days from homes, doctor’s offices, board rooms, health spas, gym locker rooms, restaurants, church nurseries and classrooms.

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